First Aid Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsHow do I assess my first aid requirements?

There are numerous factors to consider when assessing first aid requirements in the workplace. Many small businesses will only require the minimum provision. Various factors can influence this decision and it is important that first aid provision is available at all times. Please visit the HSE website for further information or contact us for a consultation.

Quality Assurance & Due Diligence

As a previously HSE approved training provider (6/09) the quality of our training was assured. In October 2013 the approvals and monitoring provided by the HSE ceased, removing a section of regulation that gave potential and existing clients assurance that their provider met the required industry standards.

First Aid Solutions would like to give their assurance that nothing has changed, our own quality assurance and approval as a Qualsafe Awarding Centre demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standards of training available. 

What is a first aider?

A first aider is someone who has successfully completed a first aid at work course and holds a valid first aid certificate. This training should have been provided by a HSE approved training provider.

How many first aiders do I need?

We can advise on the number of first aiders required. After undertaking your assessment on first aid provision this should provide you with an idea of what is required. It is essential that this provision should be available at all times.

FAQsHow long does my qualification last?

Your qualification will expire 3 years from the date you successfully completed your first aid course. In October 2009 the regulations changed and your certificate is still valid for 3 years but the HSE strongly advise that a yearly update course is undertaken to maintain clinical knowledge and practical skills.

If my certificate has expired can I still take a refresher course?

You have a 28 day period after your certificate expires but your requalification must be completed by that date.